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Vinyl LP John F Kennedy 1917-1963 A Memorial Album Famous Speeches

Item# LP002
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Product Description

Vinyl LP John F Kennedy 1917-1963 A Memorial Album of His most famous speeches and comments and comments by, Barry Goldwater, Adlai Stevenson, Vice President LB Johnson, Sir Alec Home and Pope John XXIII. Photos of JFK on back of album cover.

Label - Diplomat Records Mono - 1963

Condition used - this album is being sold as is, we do not own a player to verify any condition, nor has this been cleaned. This came from our family estate.

Track Listing

1. Pre-Election speech of Senator Kennedy
2. Oath of office for presidency by J.F.K.
3. Inaugural address by J.F.K.
4. Presidential press conference
5. J.F.K. speech on space flight
6. J.F.K. speech on Cuban crises
7. J.F.K. Speech in Houston, Texas
8. Newscast of assassination
9. Eyewitness account of assassination
10. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson
11. Senator Barry Goldwater
12. General Dwight D. Eisenhower
13. Prime Minister Sir Alex Home
14. His Holiness Pope Paul
15. President Lyndon B. Johnson
16. Eulogy - Taps